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[WATCH] “Shark Week” Original Movie ‘Capsized: Blood in the Water’ Airs on July 31st

Published on 02 Aug 2019 / In Comedy

Capsized: Blood in the Water Mike Marunde Full - Movie UNCUT
Capsized Blood in the Water -2019

Capsized Blood in the Water -2019

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SYNOPSIS: Based on the harrowing true story of an October 1982 shark encounter. After a yacht bound for Florida capsizes during an unexpected storm, its crew is left to drift for days in the chilling waters of the Atlantic where they become prey to a group of tiger sharks. With the hope of rescue dwindling, the crew must do everything in their power to survive as the sharks continue to hunt them.

CAST: Josh Duhamel, Tyler Blackburn, Rebekah Graf, Beau Garrett, Joshua Close, Virginia Del Sol, Mike Marunde

KEYWORD: #shark_attack

Movie producers Ben and Orson Cummings truly know how to catch a group of people with this amazingly alluring film. Blood in the Water is a thriller that happens in the sumptuous neighborhoods of Hollywood Hills, encompassing the lives of a youthful couple, Veronica and Percy. While they are house sitting one of these excellent manors, their ex-con reticent foe Freedgood, crashes their late spring with a risky demeanor and coerces them into a world on medications, untruths and trickiness. There are some truly incredible plot turns that accompany their new criminal lives and an old love triangle, also the undeniable magnificence that accompanies a place like Los Angeles. I certainly suggest it. Watch and download this movie here Watch online full movie.

DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/2MyPcJ7
WATCH: https://play.playnowstore.com/....movie/614817/capsize
GENRE: Drama, TV Movie

PRODUCTION: Stephen David Entertainment

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