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Brian Trenchard-Smith on ENTER THE DRAGON

Published on 26 Jun 2019 / In Film & Animation

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In the years since his bizarre and tragic death, martial arts legend and master Bruce Lee has become a sort of icon within the Kung-fu movie circuit.

The last film that he completed before his death, 1973's "Enter the Dragon," has become not only a masterful showcase for Lee's talents (both fighting and acting), but in the 31 years since its release has become perhaps the definitive martial arts movie of all time.

Lee, in his first and last English-speaking performance, stars as a martial arts expert who is recruited by the British government to infiltrate an island fortress, under the cover of being invited to a martial arts tournament, to investigate a possible slavery/drug ring led by a former nemesis of his.

Indeed something is amiss at this isolated island fortress, as he discovers that his nemesis Han (Shih Kien) is the host of the tournament and is also the leader of the same gang that murdered his sister. Soon enough, Lee, together with two other martial artists, Roper (John Saxon) and Williams (Jim Kelly), go to work kicking a** everywhere until the final showdown with the murderous, one-handed villain Han in the classic "Hall of Mirrors" fight sequence.

"Enter the Dragon," a joint American-Chinese production, was intended to be Bruce Lee's introduction to Western audiences, but due to his tragic death just weeks before the film's American release, we will never know what he would have been capable of here in the states. Even more tragically, his son Brandon Lee would experience a similar fate just like his father only 20 years later with "The Crow."

There are so many classic fight scenes, which I can watch over and over without them ever becoming boring. Many of them still hold up very well, especially by 2004's standards, where fight scenes are mostly digitally enhanced or involve "wire" or "Matrix-fu" to make up for lack of actual stunt work; plus one has to remember that this film was made in 1973, in the days before wirework would become dominant in today's martial arts cinema. The "Cavern Fight" is probably my favorite fight sequence of all time, in any martial arts movie.

Many of the fights in this movie, more specially the ones where Lee is involved, have a surreal feeling to them. He brings a kind of grace to his action scenes that have yet to be topped by any actor alive today. Lee even brings many of his own personal philosophies to this film, which makes much sense and perhaps help to understand some of the more philosophical elements to the story. But more than anything, this was Bruce Lee's entrée to Americans; many people, including myself, were introduced to martial arts cinema through "Enter the Dragon."

There are also several cameos made by future martial arts stars that would eventually reach stardom, most notably Jackie Chan (as a henchman during the "Cavern Fight" sequence who has his neck broken by Lee) and Sammo Hung (as Lee's sparring partner in the opening fight sequence).

I could go on and on about what makes this movie immortal, but I feel I should let you see what makes it great. Bruce Lee was forever immortalized with this film and it will be cherished and praised forever.

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Movie Synopsis: A martial artist agrees to spy on a reclusive crime lord using his invitation to a tournament there as cover.

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alexastudios 4 months ago

Bruce Lee biggest international hit smash deals about Lee who's hired by British secret agency to cleans up the opium market . He goes to Hong Kong and after an offshore island .There rules a cruel Chinese(Kien) over a temple of Shaolin and an army of fighters(Bolo Yeung, Robert Wall, both are black-belt). Also arrive a cocky fighter(John Saxon) and an African-American Karate-man(Jim Kelly). Lee infiltrates violent tournament to investigate the strange events and disappearing are happening. Lee dispatches numerous thugs and hundreds of Karate experts before a violent slug-fest with Kien, a baddie in James Bond style.

This classic Chop-Socky displays action-packed, thrills,fast-paced and wild fighting images. Packs violent combats sequences including Karate, Judo, Tae Kwon do and Hapkido. Exciting final struggle with reminiscences to ¨Lady of Shangai¨ by Orson Welles, where is developed the action into a maze of mirrors. Lively and suspenseful musical score by Lalo Schifrin. Appear uncredited , almost extras, Sammo Hung as Shaolin fighter and Jackie Chan as a thug prison. This one was realized later but released before ¨Lee's Return of dragon¨ with Chuck Norris as contender, and previously had starred ¨Fists of Fury¨. This is his last complete movie character but his next film ¨ Game of death¨ was absurdly edited after his death. Wild fighting scenes provide a overwhelming view of Bruce lee's skills. This big-budgeted and first rate Kung-Fu actioner is well realized by Robert Clouse , an expert on Chop-Socky movies and he directed Bruce Lee's last film. Indispensable and essential seeing for Lee fans and Karate enthusiastic. READ MORE... >> http://bit.ly/31XRWFo

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